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Google Launches Verified Calls to Stop Spam and Scam Calls


Google Launches Verified Calls to Stop Spam and Scam Calls

According to a FTC report, phone calls were the number one medium through which people reported being contacted by scammers. Those who lost money had a median loss of $1,000 due to these scam calls. To curb the menace of spam and scam calls, Google has launched Verified Calls.

Verified Calls will look to tackle this menace by displaying a caller’s name, logo, and reason for calling. It will also show a verified symbol if a call is coming from an authenticated business. Google says that the feature does not require it to collect or store any personally identifiable information after verification.

Google on its blog wrote: “We’ve been piloting Verified Calls for a few months, and the early results indicate that it improves the likelihood of someone answering a call. This in turn helps reduce business costs while identifying relevant calls to people in a trustworthy way.”

Verified Calls comes as a feature on the Phone app, a pre-loaded app on many Android phones. It will be available for download soon. Verified Calls is being rolled out in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India, for now.

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