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Microwave backhaul for 5G is a success!


Microwave backhaul for 5G is a success!

For the first time in history, Vodafone and Huawei accomplish 2 Gbps on IP microwave link and this technology is applicable for 5G. The two companies finished the trials of microwave-based backhaul for 5G and the result was pleasing. This new technology can handle high amount of data which will be produced by the coming generations.

Lab tests revealed the potentiality and latency that can be accomplished via traditional IP microwave link with 2.7 Gbps speed and 50-microsecond latency that is possible from a single transmission aggregating 2 x 112MHz channels in a vertical polarisation.

This technology is the first one to have achieved single frequency unit to reach 2Gbps from a single polarisation. The single radio frequency can act to both vertical and horizontal radio waves at a time which elevates capacity, reduce cost and physical size.

“These tests demonstrate the feasibility of utilizing microwave technology, as well as fibre, for effective 5G backhaul,” said Eva Rossi, head of transport product for the Vodafone Group. “As such, the results of this test are extremely positive for Vodafone as we prepare for the launch of commercial 5G services in the years ahead.”

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