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Bentley is introducing world's first in-car Wi-Fi network


Bentley is introducing world's first in-car Wi-Fi network

Bentley has announced that it will be introducing Wi-Fi in its cars developed in partnership with Viasat. The company calls the Wi-Fi system Advanced Connectivity. The new Wi-Fi network will be available in all the Bentley’s from 2019.

The luxury car maker is mainly targeting business customers with this technology. The in-car Wi-Fi networking will come with virtual office applications and Business Skype. This will enable the buyers to video conference and perform other business-related tasks while on the move.

Security is the main feature of this network. The Wi-Fi network will aggregate three mobile networks to one signal which will make it extra hard to steal data. “This means that if one SIM card is compromised, any data stolen is meaningless – because it represents only part of the scrambled data package,” said Bentley in a statement.

Plus the network will be VPN enabled which makes it highly secure to perform business-related activities. Further, Viasat’s Active Cyber Defence System will protect from cyber attacks and ransomware attacks.

All Bentleys will come with Advanced Connectivity from 2019. The Bentleys in 2019 will have a router with an onboard power supply with an antenna inside the boot of the car. The network has been made available in Bentley’s Mulsanne range already.

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