Alexa Bumble launches BumbleBizz for professional connections
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Bumble launches BumbleBizz for professional connections


Bumble launches BumbleBizz for professional connections

Bumble launches BumbleBizz which is a swipe based networking tool which helps build professional connections. BumbleBizz basically has the same type of parameters as Bumble which will detect your location, network and curate a group of professionals for you to swipe through. This application helps you find jobs and also meet new people working in the same industry as you.

It builds on BumbleBFF, which was the company’s first expansion beyond dating and lets you find new friends. You can find connections with 20 million Bumble user. Bizz users can add digital resumes, verified photos, skill section and also examples of work. This application is compared to Linkedin but, Bumble seems to disagree it and said app is designed for “networking and mentoring, not job searching or recruiting.”

Bizz joins BFF as another mode within the Bumble app, which was introduced last year to help you find your new best friend. (I call this section of the app “friend-zoning, but intentional.”) Mode Switching lets you manage three different profiles for each of the separate features Bumble offers, “so no accidents happen.” However, with the profile UIs all looking pretty similar, and nothing but the Bumble Bizz logo at the top to separate it from the main Bumble mode, make sure you’re in a clear state of mind (i.e., not drunk) when swiping. And if you’re in a relationship, get ready to explain to your significant other that “It’s just for networking, babe!” if they see the Bumble icon on your home screen.

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