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Cloudflare introduces for Android and iOS


Cloudflare introduces for Android and iOS

Cloudflare has finally rolled out its app for Android and iOS devices that will make it simple to use the free consumer DNS service. The networking giant had rolled out the service earlier this year for the PCs. was rolled out to make it easier to preserve user privacy that is increasingly losing out in today’s world.

Now the service is available on phones in the form of an app. Using the app, you can now access websites without the fear of being tracked by internet providers. Further, the app also ensures that your connection is not censored. Cloudflare does this by taking control of your DNS information and puts it through The service also makes browsing swifter and shaves off some crucial seconds off page load times. These reductions in page load times are significant in areas where the connections are not particularly fast.

The service is free. Some remain shocked by this but the service acts as a mode of advertising for Cloudflare. You can shut the service off by a simple press of a button in the app. To download the app you can go to the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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