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Facebook Express WiFi app on Google Play


Facebook Express WiFi app on Google Play

Facebook just rolled out its Express WiFi app on Google Play and the app is available for download in Indonesia and Kenya. With the Express WiFi app, users can purchase internet connection from participating businesses instead of paying for an expensive connection. The app is specially designed for developing nations with slow and spotty mobile connections.

Last year, Facebook had launched the Express WiFi program in India. But users had to download an app from a telecom to reconfigure their phone settings. Now, the app is available in the Google Play app which makes global rollout much easier and smoother.


The Express WiFi app has the capability to identify places that sell connections as “WiFi zones.” Using the map on the app, users can find the nearest WiFi zone. Once connected, users can go to any website they want, download music, watch videos, browse the internet, and so on.

The Express WiFi app comes as a stark contrast to Facebook Free Basics. The Free Basics provided people in developing nations with free connection. But users could access only the social network along with a few services the company approved. This invited a lot of criticism. Nevertheless, the Express WiFi from Facebook seems promising without any restrictions.

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