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Google Chrome will soon allow users to mute annoying auto-plays on websites


Google Chrome will soon allow users to mute annoying auto-plays on websites

Many web browsers would have come across auto-load videos with sound. That is many a time annoying and distracts users away from their purpose. For such users, Google Chrome has come up with a new update. Now with Google Chrome’s new testing option, browsers can permanently mute a website within the Chrome Browser.

The announcement was done by Google’s Chrome leader, Francois Beaufort. The announcement said that the team was still experimenting. The experiment involves with the setting option to mute or un-mute a website directly from the Page Info Bubble in the latest Canary version.

The entire procedure looks simple and easy to use. The web browsers simply need to click on security status located to the left of the website address. In the list of details and permissions, the option to mute is placed, on which users can opt. Until the user himself changes the option, the mute will remain.

"This will give you more control about which website is allowed to throw sound at you automatically," wrote Beaufort.

Currently, this feature is being experimented and tested on Chrome Canary. But with further developments, a wider roll out can be expected. If this comes through, it will automatically encourage other web browser companies to follow suit.

This also comes as a discouragement to publishers from auto-playing videos. Publishers will eventually fear that their website may be muted forever! But it is news that all internet users are rejoicing. With the option to mute, it is one less thing that annoys users, making it a win for us.

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