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Intel and AMD to Bring Out New Laptop Chips


Intel and AMD to Bring Out New Laptop Chips

It’s one of those rare moments when two rivals team up together. And this is one of them! Intel and Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) are coming together to bring out a new laptop computer chip. The chip will have Intel processor and AMD graphics unit.

Interestingly, this marks Intel and AMD’s first partnership since the 1980s. The new chip will be part of Intel’s eighth-generation Intel Core line. It is being designed for thin and portable laptops that come with powerful features for gamers. There will be really good and strong options to play for intensive gamers.

Also to note, the new chips will not be competing with AMD’s Ryzen chips. Both the companies have said that the new chips are targeted mainly for serious gamers. In addition, Intel said that this is the first consumer chip that will use HBM2 and can be used in devices including notebooks, two-in-ones, and mini desktops.

Taking on Nvidia

The new team is definitely taking on Nvidia. Both Intel and AMD compete with Nvidia. Currently, Nvidia is the top competitor for Intel. From the looks of it, Intel is teaming up with one of its oldest rivals, AMD, to take down its top competitor Nvidia. Nvidia is currently working on hardware for AI applications. Intel too has been working on hardware for AI uses.

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