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TP-Link launches a new brand called "VIGI" dedicated to professional security


TP-Link launches a new brand called "VIGI" dedicated to professional security

Renowned networking devices and accessories maker TP-Link has announced a new brand called "VIGI" dedicated to professional security services. The all-new video surveillance brand aims to provide a range of professional-grade surveillance products that can cater to even small and medium enterprises without costing much.

The brand VIGI has been formed to cover a wide spectrum of business issues in their daily operations."We're excited to enter into the field of surveillance with VIGI. The industrial-grade offerings meet our product-centric and superior-quality manufacturing standards to add intelligent pocket-friendly solutions to the video surveillance market," said Lucas Jiang, General Manager, TP-Link MEA.

VIGI aims to give the business owners a proper remote surveillance by offering a secure, stable, and professional solution to them. Jiang also highlighted that the move completes TP-Link's lineup of network and surveillance infrastructure solutions."We are constantly developing our products and technologies to make it as easy as possible to protect the business you've worked hard to build," he said.

VIGI is continuously investing in making complete security solutions that curb internal and external theft, ensure staff safety, and improve overall services, all without requiring business owners to dig deep into the business' finances. The networking giant has introduced VIGI to work in a wide array of security scenarios. It is wholly focused on devising intelligent solutions that can help protect businesses, allowing owners access whenever they want, wherever they are. 

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