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Microsoft Lobe By Microosft To Build Machine Learning Models


Microsoft Lobe By Microosft To Build Machine Learning Models

Microsoft Lobe is a new product from Microsoft, allowing general users to create and train machine learning models without any coding. Lobe, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2018, is now available to download for Windows and Mac. After two years of work, Microsoft finally announced the public preview in its official blog post. The software's simple visual interface allows people to easily create intelligent apps that can understand hand gestures, hear music, read handwriting, and more, without writing a single line of code.

Lobe uses open-source machine learning architectures and transfers learning to train custom machine learning models on the user's own machine. Lobe's current version learns to look at images using image classification – categorizing an image into a single label overall. Microsoft is also working on expanding to more types of problems and data in future versions.

For people who have privacy concerns, Lobe does not require an internet connection or logins. It works as a standalone app on your system without even the need for a cloud service. For now, Lobe will only output the machine learning model. The Lobe team is also working on a collection of apps and tools to help run your model without any code.

"Lobe is taking what is a sophisticated and complex piece of technology and making it actively fun. What we find is that it inspires people. It fills them with confidence that they can actually use machine learning. And when you have confidence, you become more creative and start looking around and asking, 'What other stuff can I do with this? " said Bill Barnes, Manager for Lobe.

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