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OpenStack Foundation to use AT&T and Verizon software to boost 5G Deployment


OpenStack Foundation to use AT&T and Verizon software to boost 5G Deployment

The OpenStack Foundation (OSF) has recently launched a new iteration of its trademark software infrastructure platform. It has also rolled out enhancements to other projects that have been gaining significant momentum in the telecom space. These include two being used extensively by AT&T and Verizon in their 5G deployments. The most significant move was the release of Victoria, which is the 22nd OpenStack release. Victoria includes native integration with Kubernetes and more support for diverse infrastructure deployments.

The OSF also updated its new Tacker recently with the help of the OpenStack NFV orchestration platform. This platform supports additional Kubernetes object files and virtual network function (VNF) APIs. It also gained features like lifecycle management, scaling, and VNF operation from the European Telecommunications Standards Institute's (ETSI) NFV solutions specification. The Kubernetes integration acts as the link that delivers the OpenStack networking into containers.

OSF's Ironic bare metal management platform also gained better support for standalone usage in Kubernetes or edge environments by breaking down its composition and deployment steps. With this move, the OpenStack Foundation is all set to provide high-speed 5G network services to different cities in the US, and it will also improve the data and storage speed by using the Kubernetes object file.

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