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Sera Global has expanded its Real Estate arm with six new hires


Sera Global has expanded its Real Estate arm with six new hires

Sera Global, a popular global real estate advisor from New York, has recently made an announcement that it is expanding its business by hiring a new executive director and five partners in Europe and North America. The latest recruits are expected to bring diversified experience into Sera’s talented team. The new professionals who are joining the company’s Investment Banking practices and Private Capital Advisory clearly show that that company is moving towards setting up an advisory platform to meet the strategic demands of the clients.

Global Head and Managing Partner of Sera Leo Van has stated that the team is thrilled to have new talented individuals who are well-versed in real estate. He further more added that this was important due to their client base. The new individuals are expected to realize the company’s vision and meet the client’s demand for long-term partnerships with experts in the real estate segment. As the clients continue to work on their development strategies, these individuals are well equipped to help them with integrated solutions and support to achieve long-term success. Sera is also looking forward to further deepen its bench strength and accelerate the service delivery process.

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