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Business others top 10 E-commerce  Magazines to Read in the World

Top 10 E-commerce  Magazines to Read in the World


 Top 10 E-commerce  Magazines to Read in the World

Magazines are an excellent way to find fun and knowledge. Individuals who regularly read magazines are typically the most worldly-wise.

Historically, magazines have evolved to fall somewhere in the midst of the self-selective, time-consuming book and the rushed, regionally limited newspaper. Every magazine has two things in common: they are all issued on a regular basis, and they are all targeted towards different social groups.

Astute e-commerce retailers have come to the conclusion that attractive products or low costs alone will not propel an online firm to new heights. These days, being innovative and lucrative is crucial, as is staying up-to-date with the latest e-commerce and industry trends, strategies, and technologies in order to stay ahead of your competitors and meet the constantly shifting needs of your customers. Numerous e-commerce magazines are available both online and offline to help e-commerce companies become more knowledgeable.

In this article, we hope to introduce you to some great e-commerce magazines that offer the most reliable online retail trends, e-commerce market analysis, e-commerce business strategies, digital marketing insights, consumer behavior research, e-commerce platform updates, logistics and fulfillment solutions, marketplace dynamics, entrepreneurial success stories, and more to help you gain a better understanding of the e-commerce landscape.

Internet Retailer

The most well-known publishing company for E-commerce magazine is Internet Retailer. Each month, they provide marketing and e-commerce professionals with strategic and tactical business knowledge on e-commerce and e-retail through a variety of digital and Online retail trends products and unique print magazines.

Online Retailer provides e-commerce executives with a wealth of information about trends, technologies, and wide-ranging subjects to help them make well-informed decisions regarding their online retail businesses. 

Practical E-commerce

In 2005, Practical E-commerce began as a printed E-commerce magazine published once a month. Kerry and Joy Murdock, the company's founders, once ran a modest book publishing company and two local newspapers.

Practical E-commerce, which is now fully digital, has served millions of readers in more than 200 countries with approximately 7,000 articles, hundreds of webinars, and podcast episodes.

Practical E-commerce’s goal is to assist retailers in growing their online enterprises. They accomplish this through podcasts, seminars, manuals, professional articles, and discussion. They are a stand-alone publishing house that is not connected to any e-commerce network, E-commerce market analysis , service, or supplier.

E-commerce Bytes

The E-commerce Bytes website serves as a gateway to the online auction and e-commerce industries. As the industry changes, the website have new features added. E-commerce Bytes-Update is a twice-monthly email newsletter that offers advice on buying and selling online as well as reviews of websites. November 6, 1999, saw the publication of the first edition.

In 1999, Steiner Associates LLC introduced AuctionBytes; in 2011, the name was changed to E-commerce Bytes to better represent the expanding range of their coverage. The premier news source and top publication for online retailers and E-commerce business strategies is E-commerce Bytes. E-commerce Bytes offers resources for online auction consumers and sellers, including blogs, "Cool Tools," service rating charts, and the EKG Reporting Service. The company also distributes email newsletters.

The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Smart Money Magazine, Fortune Small Business, and other major news outlets routinely quote David and Ina Steiner, the publishers of E-commerce Bytes, regarding eBay, online trading, and Internet fraud.

Retail Dive

Industry Dive is the publisher of Retail Dive, a prestigious E-commerce magazine. In competitive industries, their business journalists generate ideas and mold agendas for 14 million decision makers and Digital marketing insights.

Retail Dive offers in-depth reporting and analysis on the most significant stories and developments affecting the retail industry. Brick and mortar, retail technology, e-commerce, marketing, payment technology, store operations, omnichannel, and other subjects are covered in the newsletters and website.

Digital Commerce 360

They started their company in 1999, just on the cusp of the e-commerce explosion, as Internet Retailer E-commerce magazine. The creators foresaw the necessity for professionals to become knowledgeable about the ins and outs of conducting business in this emerging industry, as well as the global impact of purchasing and selling things online.

Soon after, Internet Retailer expanded from a modest, family-run Chicago publisher to become a market pioneer and media and research leader in e-commerce, creating well-known brands and occasions like Internet Retailer magazine, the Top 500 Guide, and the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition (IRCE).

In order to better reflect their comprehensive approach to e-commerce journalism and research, as well as the expansion of their events and product offerings to include coverage of both the retail and B2B industries, they rebranded in 2017 under the name Digital Commerce 360.

Having been a reliable source of e-commerce intelligence and Marketplace dynamics for so long, Digital Commerce 360 is extremely proud of its current standing and is committed to assisting all businesses in utilizing the newest tools, techniques, and approaches to thrive in the online marketplace.

E-commerce Fuel

E-commerce Fuel’s 1,200+ members are seasoned entrepreneurs, not vendors or beginners,
ensuring everyone has a deep, meaningful E-commerce  experience to share.

Readers can obtain prompt and intelligent responses to their E-commerce queries through a thriving discussion forum. Every month, thousands of fresh comments are added to the archives, which have been carefully vetted to guarantee high quality and the absence of Logistics and fulfillment solutions.

With E-commerce, readers may steer clear of expensive software and hiring errors. With over 15,000 evaluations on everything from agencies to ERP solutions, Fuel's Review Directory is a great resource. With objective views derived from members' actual experiences, no affiliate connections or covert objectives, and more than 100 member discounts on

Shopify Blog

A built-in blogging engine is included with every Shopify web business. Building an audience, increasing traffic and sales, and enhancing search engine optimization (SEO) are all made possible by blogging for businesses. Creating a blog can assist users in creating a community around their brand and merchandise.

Insider Intelligence (formerly known as eMarketer)

Insider Intelligence is the leading research, data, Entrepreneurial success stories and insights E-commerce magazine that helps companies maximize revenue, optimize spend, and anticipate digital disruption today and in the years ahead.

With the help of their in-house research methodology, Consumer behavior research, carefully selected data sources, and forecasts, E-commerce platform updates they enable businesses to make well-informed decisions.

The result of merging eMarketer and Business Insider Intelligence into Insider Intelligence is Insider Intelligence.

BigCommerce Blog

The BigCommerce Blog offers readers practical information to keep them abreast of e-commerce developments. Become a member of their thought leadership group to receive news, trends, and advice on e-commerce straight to your inbox.


Subscriptions to E-commerce magazine are often considered a regular expense. These folks have the ability to remain current on their favorite topics and well-informed about the outside world. And every week or every month, all of this information is sent directly to their email inboxes or mailboxes.

If you enjoy reading a certain e-commerce magazine, it would be better to subscribe to it on a monthly basis instead of buying each issue separately in stores. One of the cheapest ways to be informed, entertained, and content for you and your family is with a subscription. You owe it to your staff and clients to provide a variety of periodicals if you run an online store.


  1. How do e-commerce magazines stay relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape?

Magazines need to keep up with the times and welcome new technological developments, such as the immersive worlds of AR and VR and creative design aesthetics, if they want to be relevant. Interesting and modern material is required due to the constantly shifting tastes of the digital audience.

  1. What are the key metrics that e-commerce businesses should track to measure success?

Ten crucial e-commerce metrics that every successful e-commerce store should have

  • Conversion rate.
  • Customer acquisition cost (CAC)
  • Average order value (AOV)
  • Social media engagement.
  • Bounce rate.
  • Return rate.
  • Shopping cart abandonment rate.
  • Percentage of repeat customers vs. first-time customers.
  1. How do emerging technologies such as AI and AR impact the future of E-commerce?

Emerging technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are revolutionizing the way consumers interact with online platforms in the dynamic world of e-commerce, making shopping more personalized and immersive.

  1. What are some effective strategies for minimizing cart abandonment in online retail?

Ways to Reduce Cart Abandonment

  • Show Clear Calls to Action.
  • Provide a Choice of Delivery Options.
  • Offer Guest Checkout.
  • Be Clear About Total Costs.
  • Show a Persistent Reminder of Cart Contents.
  • Use Analytics to Monitor Abandonment.
  • Smooth Checkout Forms.

Offer Help Where It's Needed.

  1. How can e-commerce businesses effectively leverage social media for marketing and customer engagement?

Ways to leverage social media for your business

  1. Post on relevant social media networks.
  2. Optimize content for each platform.
  3. Be consistent.
  4. Engage followers.
  5. Use influencer marketing.
  6. Pay to promote your posts.
  7. Balance promotional and helpful content.
  8. Offer rewards.

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