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Red Hat Launches Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4 to Streamline Hybrid Cloud Management

Red Hat

 Red Hat Launches Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4

The latest release of Red Hat's flagship enterprise Linux platform introduces new features aimed at simplifying hybrid cloud computing.

In a move to enhance the management of hybrid cloud environments, IBM's Red Hat business unveiled Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.4, the newest iteration of its renowned enterprise Linux platform. This release introduces a variety of new capabilities designed to streamline the administration of hybrid cloud computing environments.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) serves as the cornerstone of Red Hat's operating system endeavors. Initially introduced in 2022 with the RHEL 9.0 release, the platform has since undergone four iterative updates, each bringing incremental functionality. With RHEL 9.4, Red Hat continues its push to integrate automation as a fundamental aspect of modern Linux platforms. The release expands upon RHEL system roles, which facilitate the configuration and deployment of common administrative tasks.

In terms of security enhancements, a system role called 'fapolicyd' aids in security automation by allowing or denying application executions at scale, thereby reducing the risk of human error in potential breach escalations. Additionally, there's a snapshot system role enabling administrators to create and manage point-in-time snapshots of logical volume manager (LVM) storage volumes, which accelerates backup and recovery solutions at scale.

Recognizing the importance of the kernel command line in any Linux system, RHEL 9.4 introduces a bootloader system role to assist in configuring the kernel command line, thereby enhancing the consistency and management of Linux systems at scale. Alongside the RHEL 9.4 release, Red Hat is also unveiling the new Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Console virtual assistant.

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