Alexa Amazon set to capture half of the E-commerce market
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Amazon set to capture half of the E-commerce market


Amazon set to capture half of the E-commerce market

Amazon in a new report will work its way up to capturing almost 50% of the E-commerce market in the US. Amazon’s E-commerce sales are expected to touch $258 billion by the end of this year. The figure is so staggering that the next company after Amazon is eight times smaller in this aspect.

Amazon’s gains are largely coming in its marketplace, where third-party sellers sell to consumers. The sales in this marketplace will be more than twice Amazon’s direct sales by the year’s end. This is expected to continue in 2019. The survey emphasizes the dominance of the retail giant against the other companies. eBay comes second after Amazon with just 6.6% of the market share.

For Amazon, consumer electronics in the best category, with sales amounting to $65 billion in the US this year. This is a quarter of the company’s retail e-commerce. Additionally, this year projections are that Amazon’s food and beverage are also expected to grow by more than 40%.

If the projections hold then it would mark a 30% jump in sales for the company from the last year, during which Amazon controlled 44% of the entire e-commerce market and now it is supposedly going to stomp its dominance at 49% by the end of the year.

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