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You can pay with cash at Amazon Go stores, maybe later


You can pay with cash at Amazon Go stores, maybe later

After much arguments and disagreements that cash-free business discriminate against lower-income shoppers, Amazon Go stores will now start accepting cash. However, the offer won’t start right away. Since Go stores run for people with Amazon accounts, it makes no sense for a person without a phone and an account, which pulls up a barrier for lower-income people.

Considering how Go stores work mainly cash-free, it’s a big question mark as to how Amazon will make this work. You could just walk in, scan your phone for identification, pick up what you need, and walk out of the store. The cameras and sensors automatically bill you for what you’ve bought and charge you through the Amazon account.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, there are additional changes coming along. This will allow the users to “check out, pay with cash, and then get your change.” While cash-free stores are rising in popularity, there are also severe criticisms against it for there are millions of people without credit cards or mobile payment apps. The retail giant’s plan to change also tallies with Philadelphia banning cash-free stores recently and other states following suit. 

If Amazon successfully pulls through this change, it could also mean more expansions in the brick-and-mortar world. Details about when the changes will be made aren’t updated yet. With this change, Amazon will have a better competitive edge for all that grocery shopping done offline!

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