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Amazon has got a new trick up its sleeves


Amazon has got a new trick up its sleeves

Amazon has come up with a new way to attract new customers to sign up for Prime membership. And now it has launched Amazon Prime Reload. Prime Reload offers 2% back on purchases that are funded through your debit card. This comes even when you’re not using your Amazon cash back credit card. Prime members already benefit from free 2 day shipping, access to Netflix, Prime video, and a whole lot more. And now, Amazon is offering them additional cash back.

How it Works

Firstly, you got to have a Prime account, if you haven’t got one already. Then, you’ll need to provide details of your debit card and U.S. bank account information, along with your driver’s license number. You then reload the Gift Card Balance, which is your Amazon Balance, so you can use those funds while you shop. The Prime members will receive 2% cash back on their purchases when they load money into their Amazon Balance with their debit card which is attached to their bank account. Reload will make funds available within 5 minutes, in most cases. But it may take up to 4 hours if a closer review is required, Amazon said.

Benefits for the Retailer

Now, when you see money being reloaded into your balance, what do you do? That’s right; you go out and shop again! Amazon is encouraging people to load large lumps of money into their balance, so that they do not accidently use their debit or credit cards directly and miss out a chance for cash back option. This can also be looked as another way of attracting the low income shopper. Whatever it is, Amazon sure knows how to pull out new tricks to attract people into its world.

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