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Apple finds a new pal in PayPal


Apple finds a new pal in PayPal

Apple users can now pay for their iTunes, the Apple Store, TV store, Apple Music, iBooks, iCloud storage and more using PayPal. That’s right, Apple will now be supporting PayPal and it will be launching in US, Australia, France, Germany, Italy and a couple of other countries.

PayPal has directly added the payment option on iOS. This comes to make things easy for users as you need to just log into your PayPal account to access any of apple’s services. This makes it easier as the users don’t need to type out all their credit card information over and over. One simply needs to go to the iOS settings and switch over to PayPal for payment option from the default payment setting. In addition to this, both new and existing customers of iOS can access PayPal, by simply making a change in their settings of App Store, iBooks, et cetera or even on iTunes accessed on a Windows PC.

This new partnership with Apple could give PayPal a big boost. And it doesn’t just end here. PayPal is even leveraging its One Touch technology to support the new Apple ID account integration. One Touch is mostly used to speed up checkout on web and mobile skipping the PayPal login screen after the first use, long as you’re in the same device or browser. On the other hand with Apple, One Touch is where the Apple ID is linked to PayPal.

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