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Brain has announced a new delivery robot for factories and retail


Brain has announced a new delivery robot for factories and retail

Brain Corp, the company known for its autonomous solutions, has unveiled a new robot named AutoDelivery which will be able to solve delivery issues for commercial retail facilities.

The new proof-of-concept robot can be deployed at various retail facilities, warehouses, and factories. Powered by the company’s BrainOS, Brain Corp has said that the robot is “capable of operating across a variety of public environments, enabling the seamless transportation and delivery of goods from point A to B.”

The company seems to be making its move to go beyond floor care. John Black, senior vice president of new product development, Brain Corp said: “Cited as the world’s top autonomy solution provider by ABI Research, BrainOS and its promise of form factor and application flexibility is well represented through our introduction of AutoDelivery.”

The AutoDelivery is capable of towing several common cart types and is easily customizable. The users can also make tweaks to improve the robot’s workflows, boost productivity, and increase efficiency.

The company is currently looking for manufacturing partners for the delivery robot and expects to commercially launch the AutoDelivery in early 2020. They are demonstrating the new proof-of-concept robot next week at the ProMat 2019.

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