Chanel and Farfetch associate to reform luxury retail experience


Chanel and Farfetch associate to reform luxury retail experience

Chanel, a French luxury house form connection with Farfetch, a global e-commerce platform to bring out a new branded application to target more customers and experience personalised in-store.

“To be clear, Chanel will not be selling on Farfetch, nor are we launching ecommerce,” Bruno Pavlovsky, president of fashion at Chanel, told the Financial Times. He also adds that this deal is to just elevate client experience before and post their visit to boutique.

This tie up will help strengthen Farfetch’s reputation. Chanel at present runs 192 boutiques worldwide and sells fewer products which includes beauty and eyewear. Neves from Chanel said the company made a small but significant investment and the investment made is undisclosed.  

The application provides a ‘do not disturb’ feature which makes sure clients are left alone. Mr Neves said that customers can get better experience in the store than online. “I want to be very clear,” said Mr Pavlovsky. “This is not about changing the posture of Chanel. We will only do what the client wants to do. And we will only move at their pace. This is not Big Brother. This is Chanel.”

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