Alexa Google Campaign to Help With Business Recovery and Growth
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Google Campaign to Help With Business Recovery and Growth


Google Campaign to Help With Business Recovery and Growth

The pandemic has brought through lot of changes. People are now using online tools to stay connected and work remotely more than ever before. But all this has happened in a short space of time. Google says that the use of technology by people and businesses have leapt forward “perhaps five years over a period of eight weeks and internet usage increase by 60 percent.”

In such a scenario, business models have changed significantly. And Google wants to help businesses bounce back and grow. The company had earlier in the summer pledged to help 10 million people and businesses in Europe, Middle East, and Africa find jobs, digitize and grow. Now, in a month long campaign, the company has announced “Accelerating Retail,” to help retailers in Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

Google through this campaign will help retailers of all sizes across these regions to help them get ready for the upcoming peak shopping season. It will work with local commerce and trade associations in many countries for this. Under this campaign, Google will be providing free training, unique real time insights, new products, tools, and other resources.

The company to start out is rolling out a new version of Grow My Store in European countries to help businesses grow customer traffic and optimize their online customer experience. With this tool, businesses can enter their website URL and receive a customized report that can give them important digital traffic trends, industry benchmarks, and actionable tips for improvement.

Google is also upgrading its Smart Shopping campaigns to help with new customer acquisitions and make advertising onboarding simpler.

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