Meal Kits from Walmart to challenge Amazon and Blue Apron


Meal Kits from Walmart to challenge Amazon and Blue Apron

In the never-ending war among giant retailers, here comes a new twist. In its quest to beat Amazon at every step, Walmart has also ventured into a new category: meal kits. As of now, Walmart has started selling about 30 meal kits from multiple brands. The payments vary from one meal kit to another, but the $35 for a meal for four seems to be a hit right now.

Apart from the $35 for four, there are also other meals. For instance, there’s the $60 Everyday Supper pack that serves three meals for two people. The meal kits vary from Thai crab curry to a whole list of others, depending on the vendors you choose to buy from. The vendors and brands themselves fulfill the order.

However, unlike Blue Apron, the meal kit service from Walmart isn’t a subscription one. In case you’re looking to have a meal without hunting down the ingredients, this meal kit choice seems like a go-to option.

Amazon – Head on!

This brings Walmart head-on with Amazon and Blue Apron. Walmart has also paired up with Tasty from BuzzFeed. Tasty is an app that aims to integrate recipes with the purchases required. Currently, the app is working on buying the cookware you need to complete a recipe and will expand further in the coming days. With this, Walmart aims to take Amazon when it comes to everything in the kitchen.

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