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Home industry retail showfields on the verge of making it big

Showfields on the verge of making it big


Showfields on the verge of making it big

Showfields has given immersive retail experience to its customers since 2011. Customers’ are enthralled with its combination of popup shops with art exhibitions, theatrical experiences, community events and food and beverages hospitality. Back in those days, people lined up to experience the new stories introduced every six-to-eight weeks.

To add to the success, Katie Hunt, a third employee of Warby Parker and Amir Zwickel, a serial entrepreneur in the hospitality and real estate development space will be joining Nathanel as founders.

“Physical retail is a great place to make human connections. It is a great place to serve content in a way that is delightful and fun. Connecting it with commerce is an exciting opportunity. So we’re doubling-down on it because it works,” shares Showfield’s co-founder Tal Zvi Nathanel.

Nathanel satisfied with the developments said, “Our mission is to stretch and explore ways to excite customers. We are trying to understand what things customers want today and to give brands better tools to engage with customers in a way not possible before.”

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