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Drive Up from Target is expanding nationwide


Drive Up from Target is expanding nationwide

The retail world is on the drive to blur the lines between online ordering and brick and mortar. And this is exactly what Target is aiming to achieve with Drive Up. With Drive Up, the employees meet the customers halfway, in a very literal sense!

Customers order whatever they need through the Target’s app, drive up to a store and employees will bring the purchases out to their car. While the feature was in beta testing at Target’s home base in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, it will now roll out nationwide. Over the course of the year, Target plans to introduce the feature close to 1,000 locations.

Driving the new way!

With Drive Up, Target says that it’s seen a 10 percent increase in orders. The customers get an alert when their purchase is ready for pickup. This process generally takes less than an hour. It takes about 2-3 minutes for the curb service.

With Drive Up, Target is looking for a way to stay competitive with a big push for same-day delivery. Interestingly, Drive Up has become an instant hit with customers who have young children. Target saw that diapers as one of the top items purchased through the service, along with various other bulk household supplies. The feature is currently available to iOS users, with plans to hit Android next month.

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