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UPS gives discounts for retailers


UPS gives discounts for retailers

United Parcel Service Inc (UPS) is giving concession on somany stuffs from Costco membership to Disney land tickets to its faithful customers said UPS. The UPS My Choice Deals program for the first time ever is aspiring to cash in on shippers’ products directly.

You can be benefited with the offers they provide, one such offer is that for over 43 million global consumers can avail around 500 deals say for example 10 percent off Goodyear tires, 20 percent off Neiman Marcus luxury clothes etcetera.

UPS wants to improve business by building brand loyalty for retailers  who chose UPS over its opponent FedEx Corp or any other couriers. UPS my choice helps recipients to trace where their orders are and can also select alternative delivery locations say for example office or a UPS retail store. The purpose of the program is to reduce costs and deliver the orders to customer’s door step by decreasing myriad delivery attempts, returns, and customer complaints to retailers.

"My Choice enhances customer satisfaction because it provides them more control,” Hartford said and including My Choice could consolidate its network, accelerate deliveries and reduce per-unit costs and enhance margins.

These benefits can be enjoyed by the active customers who have already signed up for My Choice and it is said that the shippers want to involve with its customers who are loyal to them. 



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