Alexa Walmart Credit Card eases Shopping Experience
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Walmart Credit Card eases Shopping Experience


Walmart Credit Card eases Shopping Experience

The retail giant had already introduced Walmart Pay a year ago. And now, with its new Walmart Credit Card, more benefits for shopping is the new feature. Interestingly, Walmart Pay is quite popular according to the study conducted by Infoscout and It was found that after Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, Walmart Pay is the next most commonly used method of payment. Well, Walmart Pay only can be used at their stores and website, which proves time and again that Walmart has not lost its ground when it comes to retail.

On asked about the Credit Cards, Walmart says, “From the moment they are approved, customers can use their new Walmart Credit Card at all Walmart store locations and on”. 

With their newest addition of credit cards, Walmart hopes to attract more customers. From the looks of it, Walmart ensures that customers shop more (and Walmart makes more money) and have more secure transactions than before. The additional discounts and offers are exclusively available on their app.

We’re always looking to the future and how we can better serve our customers. By bringing together all of the conveniences of Walmart – great stores, convenient pickup, easy checkout and a top-notch app- we know that we’re delivering one seamless shopping for customers in a way no other retailer can”, the retail firm said in a press release.

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