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Shelf-scanning robots to hit Walmart stores


Shelf-scanning robots to hit Walmart stores

First, it was obvious that robots are frequent in warehouses. But now, robots have swarmed into stores too. Walmart is introducing shelf-scanning robots in nearly 50 locations around the country. The robots are expected to work and check on things inventory, prices, and misplaced items. 

“If you think about trying to go through a facility with all these different [items] and figure out if your prices are accurate, it can be very time-consuming. From our perspective, when you're doing things like this you're trying to improve your service to your customers and trying to make things simpler and easier for your associates at the same time,” said John Crecelius, Walmart’s vice president of central operations. 

The robots themselves are about two-feet tall and are produced by California-based Bossa Nova Robotics. The bots come with an extendable tower containing lights and sensors for scanning shelves. Until a human employee gives the robot a mission to check on something, these bots will be sitting in recharging stations.

A robot took my job, or maybe not

Over the turn of the millennium, we have seen so many cases where robots and other machines have taken over the jobs. If you’re wondering what is going to happen to the jobs of those working on these shelves of Walmart stores, worry not. Walmart has ensured that the introduction of the scanning robots will not be taking away jobs.

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