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The Walmart Website gets a Revamp!


The Walmart Website gets a Revamp!

Here comes a new announcement from Walmart and this time it’s about the website. The Walmart website is getting a revamp and a completely new design is on the cards. The new design comes with modern fonts and ‘relatable photography,’ as Walmart calls it.

The new website definitely looks more interactive than the current one. Apart from the visual appeal, the new website will focus on personalization and specialty shopping experiences. The new website will begin in May, the company announced.

But the star feature is personalization. Walmart says that the homepage will be more personalized to whoever is browsing it. The personalized homepage will include best-selling items in a customer’s location, syncing with their Walmart profile. For instance, it’ll show you if certain services are available like your grocery list in that location, etc.

Specialty Shopping Experiences

Additionally, the retail giant will also include specialty shopping experiences. Walmart will feature ‘relevant, bold imagery and season stories’ when it comes to shopping for categories like furniture and fashion.

The website isn’t the only thing that Walmart is revamping. Several other changes and updates in the company are coming up to have a competitive edge over Amazon and other retail giants. For instance, Walmart’s own meal-kit Soylent is to take on Amazon.


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