Walnut board revived retailers in Minneapolis and Charlotte


Walnut board revived retailers in Minneapolis and Charlotte

Folsom- based California Walnut Board held an omnichannel campaign which boosted increased sales for retailers in Minneapolis and in Charlotte, N.C. The participants for the event were Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Cub, Coborn’s and Kowalski’s. 

This event threw light on heart health and others like advertising, coupons, point-of-sale material, retail circular inclusion, social media and in-store demos and sampling. This innovation could be a breakthrough to the retail industry because, not only were the participants benefitted but also non participants. Stores in Minneapolis and Charlotte markets witnessed increased sales although they didn’t participate in the program.

As per reports presented by The Packer, from the time frame in 2017 in just four-week period, volume sales in Minneapolis raised upto 22.6% and Charlotte stores saw an 15.6% increase. Those retailers who promoted Walnuts did remarkably better- Coborn’s saw unit sales jump 48.6%, and Cub saw a 60.6% increase in volume sales.

“The California Walnuts in-store retail programs celebrating American Heart Month were a great opportunity to develop customized programs that mapped to the needs of each retail partner while showcasing the culinary versatility and heart health benefits that walnuts provide,” Michelle Connelly, executive director of the California Walnut Board

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