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Canary's iOS App is Silent Bodyguard with the new “Safety Button”


Canary's iOS App is Silent Bodyguard with the new “Safety Button”

Canary, the smart home security startup, in conjunction with Noonlight (formerly Safetrek) has developed a “safety button” in its iOS app. This new feature lets the user send distressed signals, the Morse code (SOS signal), alerting the nearby emergency services or law enforcement and requesting their immediate assistance at the location shared via the app. Unlike 911, the new update would not want any talking.

The safety button that appears on the home screen of the Canary’s IoT app is a simple design that looks like a miniature shield. Upon opening this feature, users can press and hold the button while in suspicious or dangerous circumstances, and enter the device PIN once released if they feel they are out of danger. Entering the device PIN after releasing the button would disable the distress call. Or otherwise, on just releasing the button and not inputting the PIN within 10 seconds would immediately trigger a distress call sending the user’s GPS coordinates to the local law enforcement.

Fire trucks or ambulance services too can be availed via text or voice. But if the user is unable to trigger an alarm themselves, then the advanced Noonlight mobile app could be of more help. It can be connected to smart devices like home surveillance camera system or a heart monitoring system that can automatically trigger an alarm for them. Canary’s new safety button feature is only available to its premium users who are subscribed for a $10 monthly or $100 yearly plans.

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