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Google rolled out Chrome extension to protect passwords


Google rolled out Chrome extension to protect passwords

We are always worried about our passwords being misused and widely spread across different websites. Google will now alert people if their passwords are stolen, it created a new Password Checkup tool which will be added to the Chrome browser, it notifies the users if their account is breached.

If someone logs into your account, a pop-up will show up which hints that your account is in danger. The tool is developed with the help of cryptography experts at Stanford University, the firm assures that the account details will never be revealed to Google.

Another tool named Cross Account Protection is developed to stop hackers from entering into users Google account. It will intimate other applications and websites where users log in using their Google account, allowing them to guard the account.

For the process to happen the systems need other services to adapt it, Google is making all efforts to foster platforms which use Google sign-in to do.

Google approached the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and the OpenID Foundation to help other sites and applications get the notification on time.

Kurt Thomas, a Google security and anti-abuse research scientist quotes, “With technologies like Password Checkup and Cross Account Protection, we’re continuing to improve the security of our users across the internet, not just on Google- and we’ll never stop improving our defenses to keep you safe online.”

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