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S2 Systems acquired by Cloudflare


S2 Systems acquired by Cloudflare

Cloudflare has announced that it has acquired Washington-based S2 Systems Corporation. But the terms and price of the deal were not revealed. S2 Systems is a company that develops patented isolation technology to improve the web browsing experience.

Following the deal, the S2 team is joining Cloudflare’s new office located in the Seattle metropolitan area. The acquisition is a part of a larger plan which revolves around Cloudflare’s – Cloudflare for Teams. S2’s technology will be integrated into Cloudflare Gateway which is a part of Teams. Teams is a security suite that helps protect corporate employees. S2’s technology will help Cloudflare protect endpoints from the zero-day vulnerabilities without compromising on speed, website compatibility and user experience.

S2 was co-founded by Darren Remington and David Harnett. The company is currently led by Matthew Prince, CEO. “We’re super excited to have them on board, and we think that combining their better browser isolation technology with our ubiquitous network, we can really redefine how enterprises protect their employees, and over the long term how people generally browse the internet, where we can make it so that a low-end phone can have a similar experience as a brand new modern iPhone,” Prince told TechCrunch.

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