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CUJO to the rescue!

The concept of smart homes is becoming increasingly popular. The smart homes where all your gadgets from your PC/laptops, TV, refrigerator, smart door lock, alarm systems, baby monitors and everything you can imagine is connected to your wifi router allowing you access from your phone or home devices like Alexa or Google Home. Now, with all of these connected, imagine the threat from hackers? With the pace at which threats are becoming reality from hackers, you can get stuck out of your homes! But it also this dire need of security is what makes CUJO a necessity.

CUJO is a smart firewall that keeps your home or any environment safe. You only got to connect the CUJO device to your wifi router and it will completely safeguard it against any threats. With antivirus or antimalware software, you need to install them in your device. But with so many devices all interconnected, how can you manage to safeguard them all?

Let’s begin with home security. With the number of gadgets that we’re using, most of our personal lives and information is on display. And with the content on the Internet, there are many things you do not want your child to read or look at. Not just that, even financial information can also be at stake. CUJO steps in with security. It even allows parental control, letting you decide what type of sites or content can be accessed by your child.

And it’s not just your home security. There are so many professionals and business that require good security to sensitive data. For instance, you’re a lawyer and you have sensitive information regarding many cases you’re handling. And you have them saved on your PC/laptop and even backed up on cloud data. That’s the alarm bells ringing! Hackers can access almost anything and everything. And so to protect any of your things, CUJO steps in.

 CUJO is not just simple but also a sophisticated device offering you security to your smart environment.

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