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Google triumphs for HTTPS in Chrome 69


Google triumphs for HTTPS in Chrome 69

Google and other likeminded businesses like Mozilla have been using HTTPS to address security flaws in-built HTTP. Now if you are visiting the pages which contain HTTPS chrome will exhibit small tag beside the site’s URL which is a lock icon and there will be a word “secure” in green color.

You can be free from strife since your data will be securely encrypted, rather than sent out into the void in plain text which would happen in traditional HTTP. Myriad sites have joined the bandwagon of HTTPS; Google is on the verge of streamlining things and making markers invisible in the coming versions of Chrome.

The initial step will be taken in the Chrome version 69 which will roll out in September. The company plans to eliminate green coloring and “secure” wording from sites with HTTPS. Sometime, Google will remove the lock icon, at some point in the future where people can safely assume every website they visit is using the proper encryption.

In October Chrome will start doing this if you visit a website which still uses HTTP.GIF: Google. In the future Google will pop up a notification that says “not secure” in red color in addition to the existing “!” meaning, your data is open to attack.

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