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Apple and Google assures to find remedies to fix Krack Wi-Fi flaw


Apple and Google assures to find remedies to fix Krack Wi-Fi flaw

Apple and Google is planning to patch a critical flaw in Wi-Fi technology which is hazardous. Both the companies detected a flaw which help hackers to steal credit card numbers, passwords and private messages from internet users.

The Krack vulnerability affects almost all potential Wi-Fi technology.

What is Krack?

Krack is described as ‘fundamental flaw’ by experts which serves to be dangerous for wireless security. The vulnerability will not attack because of changing the Wi-Fi passwords which is critically found in Apple, Android and Windows. Tech companies have issued or are developing updates to fix it.

Apple asserted that it has already developed updates to iOS and MacOS which will be released in weeks. Microsoft said an automatic security update issued last week had fixed the problem for Windows 7, 8 and 10 users.

Google, developing Android software, said it will release patch on November 6. Since smart phones will manufacture their own software it takes time for safety.

The Krack vulnerability, uncovered by a Belgian researcher on Monday, exploits a flaw in the way data is secured as it travels over the air between a device like a PC or smart phone and a Wi-Fi router. It forcibly installs a new "key" into the encryption protocol, meaning a hacker within range of the network could decipher information such as passwords and credit card numbers as it travels.

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