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LIFX is smarter now!


LIFX is smarter now!

LIFX (pronounced Life-X) is a line of energy-efficient, multi-color; Wi-Fi enabled LED light bulbs that can be controlled via a Wi-Fi equipped device such as a smartphone or smartwatch. The company made some developments recently which takes home security cameras to the next level.

Home security cameras are added with the LIFX+ Night Vision. The new feature includes LIFX lights with infrared LED technology along with automated control and color capabilities of normal LIFX lights.

Enigma of the night?

Well, this is solved because the extended version includes Night Vision in the security cameras. This new technology is appropriate for home owners and the LIFX + produces 950 nm of infrared light to enhance security cameras and via this technology you can expand vision which is normally out of range which is not done by cameras.

How to set up extended night vision?

You simply have to place LIFX + where cameras are fixed. It is an added advantage because infrared LED’s act as a back up to add light when sun sets. You can turn it off when not in use and adjust the brightness accordingly. For external use the most preferred is LIFX+ BR30.

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