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You can count on Lighthouse's 3D security to live a safe life


You can count on Lighthouse's 3D security to live a safe life

Do you have home security camera? If yes, it is time to throw it! And start banking upon ‘Lighthouse’. Is a carpenter coming your home? Are you afraid stranger can peek into your home in your absence? Chill folks! Why fear when Lighthouse is here?

Lighthouse HD security camera which is lighthouse-shaped keeps track on all the movements leverages artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, 3D-sensing. Lighthouse is costlier because it offers lot more than a typical security camera. The cost goes like this: $299 for the camera itself, plus $10 a month for the full AI treatment and to store 30 days of encrypted video in the cloudGetting.

Creating a security camera like this one isn’t child’s play. You need expertise in machine learning and thankfully the firm’s founders Alex Teichman and Hendrik Dahlkamp have some experience. Teichman completed his PhD in Sebastian Thrun’s self driving car lab at Stanford; Dahlkamp was the first engineer at Google X and a winner of DARPA’s self-driving Grand Challenge.

The technology used in Lighthouse has its roots in self-driving cars. There will be a sensor inside which will measure the distance that creates real time 3Dmap of the room where it is placed and it observes every movement. Although the same offerings are available in Amazon and Nest, the company assures to go a lot further than them.

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