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Yahoo Revamps Email App


 Yahoo Revamps Email App

Over the years, Yahoo has been repeatedly targeted by hackers. In 2014, the company was subjected to a serious hack wherein hackers stole an undisclosed number of user’s passwords. Since then, Yahoo’s engineers were continuously working to improve email security. The company recently announced a revamped email app with a password-free feature. This means that a user does not have to type in a password to get access to his emails. He just needs to enter the username and click “continue” and Yahoo will send him an account key generated by its servers which can then be used to sign to his inbox.

The mail app can be used to manage email accounts from, Hotmail and AOL mail. There wasn’t any mention of syncing with Gmail and Apple’s iCloud mail. Other features of the mail app include new search capabilities that let users find photos, messages and attachments by tapping on the screen.

The new app works on desktops and mobile devices. With cyber attacks increasing day by day, other email providers are likely to introduce the password-free feature in their mail apps as it is more secure.

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