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Apple joins Facebook and Google in data-sharing project


Apple joins Facebook and Google in data-sharing project

According to the reports, Apple has joined Facebook, Google and Twitter in the data-sharing project. The data transfer project is an initiative launched in 2018 and aims to make it easier for the people to transfer data between different services.

This data sharing project will enhance the data portability ecosystem by reducing the infrastructure burden on both service providers and users which should in turn increase the number of services offering portability.

Apple will now build similar systems to Google Takeout and Facebook's Access Your Information tool, which makes it easy to add or remove data from iCloud. These systems are also compatible with one another and allow data to be downloaded to hard drive.

DTP is an open source initiative to encourage participation of service providers and aims to make transferring information between services easier and also enables service-to-service data transfer with streamlined engineering work. At present, there are 18 contributors to the Data Transfer Project and now Apple will join this list along with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.

A number of other social networks and many other software techs have also joined the Data Transfer Project that eventually transfers the data directly from service to service without needing to download the data at its first instance.

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