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Microsoft launches Azure SQL Database Edge


Microsoft launches Azure SQL Database Edge

Microsoft is always flawless when it comes to software updates with reference to its Build developer conference in Seattle, Washington. 2019 is no different; Microsoft got an exciting update to its database lineup with an advance revelation about Azure SQL Database Edge. It is a tool that can associate similar database engine that powers Azure SQL Database in the cloud to edge computing devices that involves Arm-based machines for the very first time.

In a statement, corporate vice president of Microsoft Azure Julia White said, “While much attention has been paid to the cloud innovations, the advancements at the edge are becoming equally remarkable. And, of course, the experiences built using the cloud and edge together are what become truly transformative.”

Azure SQL Database Edge will be accessible to the members of the Early Adopter Program beforehand. Not only that, it shifts many of the capabilities offered by Microsoft’s Azure SQL Database and SQL server to hardware-confined devices.

This tool can be used in Arm and x64-based edge gateways and machines, and it provides low-latency analytics that integrates time series data and data streaming, which is limited to database machine learning and support for graph data.

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