Alexa G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace with redesigned icons

G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace with redesigned icons


G Suite rebranded to Google Workspace with redesigned icons

Google has been known to keep experimenting with the names and design of their products. We have seen Google shutting down its products to bring a similar product with a different name. But this time, Google has made significant changes to its G Suite and rebranded it to “Google Workspace” keeping in mind the new work from home scenario. Most of the people are already using Google Service for home Offices.

However, Google has not made changes to any of its services; the functionality remains the same. The new look of icons over the entire list of Google products looks seamless and more uniform now. With this new transformation, you can now experience a smooth workflow to create or collaborate on a document remotely. The collaboration can be done via a chat room, in an organization, or with guests or friends whom you can invite.

The Gmail app will also have a new chat option. As it is already combined with meet, it provides you chat, email, voice, and video calling. The hangouts app has been replaced with Google Chat. You can now preview a linked file without having to open a new tab in Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and when collaborating with someone on the files, @mention will show smart suggestions for adding people.

The icons of all the individual apps like Gmail, Sheets, Drive, Calendar, Slides, Meet, etc. have been made simple with Google’s favorite “four-color” design theme, namely red, yellow, blue, and green. Only the Google Chat has been left unicolor as “Green” to sort of pay homage to the old Hangouts. The update is a server-side update and has started rolling out to the public in a phased manner.

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