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Home technology software google adds new functionality to show COVID info on travel searches

Google adds new functionality to show COVID info on travel searches


Google adds new functionality to show COVID info on travel searches

Google has launched a new functionality to help travelers keep track of Covid-19-related travel advisories and restrictions in their intended destination. When searching for travel-related information like flights, hotels,etc., Google alreadyshows the related travel advisories depending on the region. Now, the search giant will also intimate the users if a negative COVID test, immunization record, or any other document is required for the visiting place.

Travelers can track advisories and restrictions for a particular destination and get an email when restrictions are lifted or changed. As the World is recovering and getting vaccinated, the tourism business has started flourishing again. As per Google's trends, searches for hotels reached a 10-year high point in April, as have the searches for "where can I travel" and "travel restrictions by country." The trends show domestic destinations are in most demand by U.S. travelers, followed by Mexico. At the same time, other foreign locations are also popular among travelers.

Google has also had a feature called Explore. It previously showed users flight prices for places if they had flexible dates and destinations. Now it has its own tab on It has been redesigned so that users can see more than just flights. The map now features smaller cities and national parks, and users can filter destinations for interests like skiing or beaches.

Google Maps has added road trip functionality, as well. For using this, the travelers can enter their starting point and destination and find different stops, hotels,or rest areas, along the way. Directions for the final journey can be sent to a user's phone, and plans can be managed on the go.

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