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Google's Chatbase Analytics Platform is open to Public


Google's Chatbase Analytics Platform is open to Public

Google had introduced Chatbase that is a chatbot analytics platform at Google I/O early this year. Today, Google is opening the platform to the public. After going through testing with early adopters like Ticketmaster, HBO, Keller Williams, Viber, and others, Chatbase is finally being released to the public.

Chatbase is basically an automated system that works on Google’s machine learning. It was designed as a cloud service to offer tools to easily analyze and optimize chatbots. Chatbase will be enabling developers and builders to understand what needs to be done to increase customer conversions, improve the bot accuracy, and ultimately create a better user experience.

“An aspect that makes bots especially challenging is how open-ended they are: Users expect bots to handle a request containing any phrasing they choose. This is an area that Chatbase is especially focused on, by exposing popular requests to which a bot is not responding well,” said Chatbase’s team lead, Ofer Ronen.

Specific metrics like active users, sessions, and user retention data and information is available through the analytics dashboard. Apart from giving an update about the general health of the bot, the analytics dashboard also gives a clear picture of what is happening overall.

A Google spokesperson explains, “One example would be for finding and fixing ‘misses,’ or alternate phrasing of supported actions that weren’t originally anticipated by the developer. Like in so many other areas, machine learning and natural language processing are opening up powerful new opportunities in bot analytics. Putting some of Google’s machine learning capabilities to work for our users is a clear differentiator.”

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