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Google Chrome 87 Brings Innovative Type-In Commands


Google Chrome 87 Brings Innovative Type-In Commands

In the latest update to Chrome, Google has brought in various features and improvements like tab throttling, occlusion tracking, and more. One of the most popular features is the all-new “Chrome Actions,” which lets you control various in-browser actions by just typing commands in the web address or search bar. If you cannot find any option in the settings, you can just type that in, and the option will appear in suggestions. Google is already rolling out this update to all the users around the world.

With Chrome Actions, Google has expanded what a user can do with the address bar. The commands are predefined, and you can use these commands to delete history, update browser, launch incognito mode, update credit card info, edit passwords, translate, and much more. These commands are also self-explanatory and relatively straightforward, making it easier for all the users to adapt to them.

Chrome Actions might not sound like a useful feature at first, but you will definitely like it with regular usage. Also, Chrome Actions might look very appealing for someone who is already used to the terminal commands. Furthermore, the feature might help a certain class of users dig into actions swiftly rather than searching for it among many options. You can even perform calculations and unit conversions right from the address bar. Chrome Actions will show you the result the way the address bar shows you keywords while searching. You can then click on the result to perform any action.


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