Media controls is the latest feature added to Google Chrome


Media controls is the latest feature added to Google Chrome

Here comes a small and yet a new and useful feature that will appear in Google Chrome from now on. It is the newly introduced feature that is sure to blow your mind. Well, introduction of new features in Google Chrome is not a new thing. Time and again we have all witnessed the introduction of fresh and new features that mainly aims to enhance the user experience.

Global media controls is the feature that lets the user exercise free control over all of the audio and video sources from a single widget on the toolbar. The feature was announced last year but is now available across desktop platforms for all Chrome users. This feature appears at the left of your profile picture in the top right corner of your Chrome.

With this feature lot of things can be done as it offers the ease of operating and controlling all the applications running in the background directly from the application. We can use it in many ways, for example- turning on/off the music or playing the next song from any web based music streaming app or to navigate multiple tabs. It’s a feature worth having that is surprisingly present also in the latest Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

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