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Google app dark mode is now available to all beta users


Google app dark mode is now available to all beta users

Google has recently announced that the dark mode feature of its app is out now available for all Android users who are part of the beta testing program. Previously, the feature was available to only a handful of users, who owned Pixel devices equipped with Android 10 OS.

The feature that offers an option to access the eye-pleasing dark mode can be used by beta testers of the Google app irrespective of the OS version running on their devices.

Google said in one of its recent posts that the feature will be made officially available on February 12th, providing all Google app beta testers using Android, an access to its dark mode feature. To access the all new dark mode feature, the user essentially needs to have an Android phone or tablet, a Google account and a downloaded beta version of the Google app.

Once the users become part of the beta testing program and have downloaded the beta version of the app, they can enable the dark mode feature by clicking the ‘More’ option that leads to ‘Settings’ option. From there, click General -> Theme for enabling or disabling the new dark mode theme.

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