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Google Maps overreached directions


Google Maps overreached directions

Google made an announcement of rolling out a new version of Google Maps which is likely to launch later this summer. A new set of features is introduced to Google Maps; right now the app helps you reaching your destination but there is more content in the service.

“About a year ago, when we started to talk to users, one of the things we asked them was: how can we really help you? What else do you want Google Maps to do? And one of the overwhelming answers that we got back was just really a lot of requests around helping users explore an area,” said Sophia Lin, Google’s senior product manager on the Google Maps team.

The new features is all about personalization with the support of AI. As a new feature in this version you will find a new tab called “For you” that’s basically a newsfeed-like experience with recommendations for you. You can follow the neighborhood countries and cities similar to social networking service.

Google Maps will find some interesting updates in your locality; probably a trending restaurant or a coffee shop. The software also scrutinizes your preferences which you can set manually in the app’s settings once the updates goes live. The scores are not based on how the place is rated.

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