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A peek inside the long-awaited updates on Google Photos


A peek inside the long-awaited updates on Google Photos

Google Photos has reportedly come up with a brand new feature, to add unto the already popular app, making it all the more engaging and exciting.

The long awaited Google Photos updates are finally coming close. Google has been reportedly trying out various new features that would essentially add to the overall programing of Google Photos, one such feature being called ‘Memories’. Nail Sadykov, an informant from the unendorsed Google News Telegram group, tweeted the information about the new interface along with screenshots of the same.

According to reports, dragging the slider form ‘All Photos’ to ‘Memories’ will organize photos based on themes and events, while being able to move standard timeline-based view to a new view. Forbes reported that apart from the previously mentioned, the update will include collage being opened in full-screen mode, nearly identical to the way memories can be accessed from the carousel. However, all the above mentioned changes are still in their testing phases, and it is yet to be determined if the company will go through with the modifications.

If Google does decide on the changes, it would create a whole new buzz around the application. While already a popular app, this will give it an edge, for those who want a break from the monotonous display of every single picture and video, across the entire timeline.

A new curated feed will illustrate the most prominent and exciting pictures and videos, allowing viewers to browse through them almost like a social media app.

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