Alexa Google wants to redefine reading with Rivet app
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Google wants to redefine reading with Rivet app


Google wants to redefine reading with Rivet app

Google’s workshop for experimental projects, Area 120, has released a new app aimed at raising the practice of reading among kids. Google believes that the app can help bridge the gap between poor and strong readers by providing a high-quality reading experience.

Google is calling the app Rivet. The new reading app has a growing digital library of over 2,000 free books that will provide the right reading material at the right level for its users. The digital library consists of books covering a wide array of topics. Further to sort the level of difficulty for each reader Google has reviewed the quality of each book in its library.

Rivet also leverages speech technology to provide support on each word for the reader. If a reader gets stuck on a word, they can tap for Help and hear the word pronounced. The app even provides definitions and translations in more than 25 languages for non-native speakers.

Another interesting feature in the app that helps a reader immensely is the Follow Along feature. This feature is available on select books and reads full-pages aloud as each word is read by a reader. The app incentivizes hard work by awarding points and badges. Rivet also encourages reading through its playful interface.

The software app is now available on Android and iOS devices in eleven countries worldwide. You can check out the app in the Play Store or the App Store today.

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