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Google Working on a New OS


Google Working on a New OS

Google has been famous for its operating systems. The hugely popular Android OS is the main driver in mobile phones. The Chrome OS is relatively new and it was launched along with the company’s new line of notebooks called Chromebooks.

Google recently announced that it is working on a new OS that would be a blend of both the Chrome OS and Android OS. Android has emerged as the dominant operating system in the market and the company is leveraging its popularity to make it run on laptops and desktop computers. This would require major changes such as supporting the Google Play Store, etc. Chromebooks will get a new name to reflect the new OS.

The new combined OS is expected to be launched in 2017. A preview of the OS would be demonstrated at Google I/O next year. The reason behind the new OS is to reduce the number of independent platforms the company has to maintain.

Chromebooks have been quite a success since the time of their launch as they are cheap and good quality computers. The signs of this change were already there when the company started adding support for Android apps inside of Chrome OS. Some Android apps are up and running on Chromebooks though support for them is limited. Pixel C, a convertible Android laptop was launched in September by the company. Now, it seems like that's just a precursor of what's to come.

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